Clever Santa Goes To The Doctor

Clever Santa Goes To The Doctor

Doctor Santa opened a clinic wrote outside the clinic:

"Any treatment in Rs.100. If we can’t treat, will pay you back Rs.200."

Banta comes with the intent of fraud and to get 200

He says to the Doctor Santa
: "I can’t feel any taste on my tongue…"

Santa :- asks the Nurse to put few drops of medicine from box no 22.

After that the Banta shouts: "Oh my God its very Bitter."
Doctor Santa says congratulations your sense of taste is back now.

Banta was angry as he lost Rs.100.

After 2 weeks Banta comes back again this time he thinks to get back his previous 100 too.
Banta : "Doctor I have lost my memory."
Doctor Santa : "Nurse! please put some drops of medicine from Box no 22 on his tongue."
Banta : "Wait doctor but that medicine is for sense of taste."
Doctor Santa : "Congratulations your memory is back."

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