You know you are an Internet Junkie when

When asked to your address, your answer begins with https://

Instead of calling you to dinner, your spouse sends e-mail.

You chat with your fingers, not your mouth.

You use Netscape 8, and you check every week whether version 8 was released.

You know the difference between Java and Javascript.

In order to watch CNN you move to

On your business card the e-mail appears before the phone number.

You find yourself typing “com” after every period when using a word

You check your mail. It says “no new messages.” So you check it again.

You can perfectly imitate the sound pattern of your modem connecting to your ISP.

You can think of nineteen keystroke symbols that are far more clever than :-).

You are told about a new program, and you are disappointed to find that it is a TV program.

Not only do you check your email more often than your paper mail, but you remember your network address faster than your postal one.

You wake up at 3 a.m. To go to the bathroom and stop to check your e-mail on the way back to bed.


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