Fun Mobile Games To Play While Commuting To Work

Big city life has plenty of perks that those who enjoy them would never trade for the tranquillity and peace of smaller towns. There are, however, plenty of nuisances and one of the most frustrating parts is the daily act of commuting to work. The longer the distance, the more time is spent doing nothing truly productive, while adding to the stress and fatigue. People have various ways of killing time, with some reading books, others listening to music or getting engaged in conversations. An increasingly high number of people have fun on their mobile devices, playing single player or multiplayer games on smartphones and tablets.

Fun Mobile Games To Play While Commuting To Work

A One-stop Shop for Mobile Entertainment

Mobile devices are a godsend for commuters, because regardless of the form of entertainment preferred, they can provide a solution. One of the reasons for why so many people have switched from reading and listening to music to playing mobile games is that the latter is far more exciting. You don’t require a lot of time to play a game and over the course of the commute, one can make significant progress in-game. Immediate and long-term gratification keep players hooked for more and some games are so immersive, that people actually look forward to the next opportunity to play.

Real-time strategy and role-playing video games can be enjoyed on mobile devices, but they require concentration and the right environment to excel. By comparison, first-person shooters and games belonging to the tower defence genre are better suited for a gaming session during the commute. Most of these games offer a clear path to major objectives, which are unlocked incrementally and represent important milestones for gamers. The most satisfying games are the ones played against real opponents, so those who choose multiplayer games are the ones celebrating victories with the greatest enthusiasm.

Gambling Apps Bring Casino Games to Mobile

Online casinos were quick to develop dedicated applications for mobile device users, so they can enjoy their games on the move. Slots, table games, video pokers, scratch cards and lottery inspired titles are now available to those who have online accounts. The obvious option for them is to download the app and use it as a gateway to all the forms of gambling provided by the casino. There is also the option of playing straight in the browser, with no major inconveniences, so players don’t have to make big compromises.

Casino games are better enjoyed on real cash, since players feel the greatest satisfaction when they actually win something, although many new online casino sites will offer no deposit bonuses upon signing up. The apps, however, offer players the possibility of enjoying all these games on virtual currency indefinitely. Those who are perfectly happy with playing the game for free can use the play money provided by the casino. Whenever the virtual money is lost, the casino will replenish it, so the fun continues unabated. There are hundreds of casino and social games available, so even the longest commute will pass quickly, and people will almost regret reaching the destination so soon.

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