10 Killer Plants You Need To Stay Away From


While rhubarb pie tastes great, ingesting large amounts of the plant’s leaves can kill you as it contains deadly oxalic acid which if ingested in high amounts can cause kidney failure. Best avoid eating the stems and leaves altogether.


10 Killer Plants You Need To Stay Away From

This plant produces digoxin, an active ingredient in digitalis, a heart failure medication. Ingesting it is like taking an unregulated dose of heart medicine, which can inversely cause heart failure. Keep this plant far away from kids and pets.


Only the flower buds are truly harmful if ingested. Humans can experience an upset stomach, skin irritation, as well as convulsions and coma. Still, pesky rabbits who manage to avoid the plant’s poisonous wrath do love hydrangeas.


10 Killer Plants You Need To Stay Away From

These plants are low-maintenance and require little care, which is why they have become a popular houseplant. But, there is a toxin in their leaves called calcium oxalate, which can cause inflammation of the mucous membranes or the mouth and throat when ingested, While it’s not deadly in adults, it can prove fatal to small kids and pets.


Ingesting daffodils won’t kill you if treated quickly. But if left untreated they can be fatal to small children and pets. Parts of the daffodil contain the toxic chemical lycorine, which can do the most damage to your body including severe burning of the lips, throat, and tongue. If throat pain, difficulty swallowing, and severe drooling persist after a few hours get to a doctor.

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