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Nature Has A Strange Sense Of Humor

Regardless of what’s going on in the world, nature often seems to have a powerful sense of humor that would make any comedian jealous. Below, you’ll find 18 ironic instances that prove that Mother Earth couldn’t care less about what people want…

1. This is what happened to an orchard in Ireland after Hurricane Ophelia.

2. Looks like we won’t be doing any banking this morning…

3. When your insurance doesn’t cover floods…

4. Ever seen a frozen waterfall before?

5. When it snows in the desert, it kind of looks like tiramisu.

6. Yes, that’s actually snow!

7. What a fascinating work of art!

8. A thin line of snow over Ohio.

9. Simply amazing!

10. No, this isn’t a Van Gogh painting!

11. When it rains in Ireland…

12. Have you ever seen a rainbow dome before?

13. The clouds over Kamchatka are a little unorthodox today…

14. Here’s what goes on underneath a tree…

15. Oops!

16. Some things are too tasty to resist!

17. A close look at Apple’s latest product.

18. When they flush the toilet in Heaven…

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