Real Life Disasters Photos From Around The World

Artists are able to create out-of-this-world images with their paintbrushes or computers, but the aftermath of Mother Nature is even more imaginative and fantastical. The surreal world shown here looks eery, as if the snapshots here are from the set of the latest disaster movie. These photos show the powerful effects of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms and volcanic explosions on ordinary citizens.

These tracks weren’t laid by a drunk person. After effects of a New Zealand earthquake.

This underwater volcano makes it look as if the ocean has erupted. Near the coast of Tonga.

Hurricanes cause buildings to lean in for a hug. Kathmandu, Nepal.

A coat of white snow makes this half-buried castle in the Czech Republic shine.

These fish don’t seem pleased by their relocation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

The road sign makes you realize this is not an ordinary river.

These logs of wood were all once part of a forest, destroyed by Cyclone Gudrun, in Sweden.

That’s no superficial snow covering. There’s a road buried under there. Northern Canada.

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