Top 11 Stunning Ice Wonders Of The World

04. Glacier Briksdalsbreen (Briksdalsbreen), Norway

Briksdalsbreen glacier is one of the most accessible and most famous glacier slopes Yustedalsbreen (Jostedalsbreen). It is located in Norway and is part of the National Park Yustedalsbreen. Briksdalsbreen ends small glacial lake Briksdal (Briksdalsbrevatnet), which is located at 346 meters above sea level.

Tourists from all over the world come to see the beautiful glacier Briksdalsbreen so majestically set among waterfalls and high peaks.

Donning the appropriate equipment, and carefully fulfilling all recommendations instructors, visitors can take part in a completely safe, but incredibly exciting journey through thousands of years of ice mass.

05. Ice Canyon (Birthday Canyon), Greenland

Ice depth canyon formed by melt water is 45 meters. This photo was taken in 2008. Line on its walls, located on the edge of the canyon, shows the stratigraphic layers of ice and snow, which were postponed for many years.

Leuinter Adam (Adam LeWinter) stands on the edge of the Ice Canyon, on a ledge, called “Moab» (Moab). Black deposits in the bottom of the channel is the cosmic dust – fine dust to be applied by the wind, which settles and accumulates in the snow on glaciers or ice caps.

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