Top 11 Stunning Ice Wonders Of The World

06. Glacier “elephant foot» (Elephant-Foot Glacier), Greenland

Arctic Glacier “elephant foot” is located in the north of Greenland. The northern zone, below the glacier is the ablation zone, split flow of melt water. It clearly differs in color from pure white surface of the upper zone, where snow accumulates.

This unique glacier is a striking geographic location in the north-east coast of Greenland (81 ° N).

07. Frozen Wave (Frozen Wave), Antarctica

This unique wave is frozen in Antarctica. She was discovered by an American scientist Travuylonom Tony (Tony Travouillon) in 2007.

In these photographs captured not a giant wave, somehow frozen in an instant. This formation is made up of blue ice, which is a strong proof that it was not the wave of water.

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