Top 11 Stunning Ice Wonders Of The World

Iceberg appears white because of tiny bubbles, buried in the ice, as well as by light scattering. Blue stripes formed when a crack in the ice shield is filled with meltwater and freezes quickly. In this case, the bubbles can not form. When the water is rich in algae, stripes are painted in green and many other colors.

09. Ice Towers of Mount Erebus, Antarctica

Hundreds of ice spiers towers located on Mount Erebus (height 3800 m above sea level), look like a one-day stubble on the face of the giant. Constantly active volcano, probably the only place in Antarctica, where fire and ice meet, interact and create something unique encompassing both their nature.

Towers can reach up to 20 meters in height and look almost alive, as they produce jets of steam in the south polar sky. Part of the volcanic vapor freezes in the inner parts of the towers, and increasing their breadth and height.

10. “Fang” – Frozen Waterfall in Vail (The Fang in Vail – Frozen Waterfall), USA

“Fang” is a waterfall, located near the town of Vail, Colorado. A huge column of ice formed from this waterfall only during unusually cold winters, and when this happens, the column height is about 50 meters in height and the width of its base has 8 meters.

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