A Broken Heart

My poetry is sad, my poetry is sweet,
and a book of my poems I lay at your feet.

The meadows are green, the sky-line is blue,
come closer and kiss me, my heart aches for you.

Now I can’t sleep at night and am restless in bed,
till I hear the dawn chorus, resounding overhead.

On this sun-shiny day, over hills barren with time,
I wander, ever ponder, with you on my mind.

I submit to love’s pleasure, I submit to love’s pain,
this is love beyond measure, so much happiness we gain.

Oh what if we lost love, in the shadows of time?
Please never say adieu love, to your “darling divine.”

~Let’s just live it all over again~

My poetry is red, my poetry is blue,
but many of my poems, I write just for you.

Oh what is the cost of love? A few moments in time?
If you can’t say “I love you”, love is not worth a dime.

There’s so much I could say, but there’s so little time
when can we meet dear, and talk mind to mind?

Memories are few, they rest forever in my head,
within a floral display, fine perfume is spread.

My wallet is green, my pockets are blue,
all my time and my money, I will spend both on you.

Loving you is such pleasure, as down each leafy lane
we hold hands in the heather, come sunshine or rain.

~ Let’s just live it all over again ~

Blending with imagination, Loving dreams are made
Each star shone brightly, Where colours never fade

Upon the paths of dreams, I feel love and light shine
Uplifted on a moonbeam, As your hands held mine

The night shared together, Captivating the intimacy
Guided upon silver trails, As stars glisten radiantly

In the pleasure I embrace, Its where I wanted to be
All I have to do is dream, As I feel you close to me.

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