Look for The Lessons

 Look for The Lessons

Sometimes in the pain & adversity of our trials

We consume ourselves with one thought,

Of how in the world we can escape from it

And the heartache the trial has brought.

But perhaps a better way to focus ourselves

Would be to look for the lessons it contains.

For the lessons God sends us are most surely there

Woven into the fibers of pain.

How else do we learn compassion for others

If not through our own severed hearts.

For brokenness is a gift that God will bless

To prove He is doing His part.

No time of affliction is ever gone to waste

If we learn from the comfort God gives.

And when we share that comfort…

Grace & power is seen

And God gets glory in the life that we live.

Those times of desperation when we

Fall down before Him and

Beseech Him with our own desperate cries,

Somehow and some way make us

Notice desperate people because

We see them through experienced eyes.

Heartache and adversity teach us and

Mold us for they are the

"textbook" God tenderly chooses,

To reveal priceless lessons of wisdom

And compassion

To the children He blesses and uses.

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