When It’s Time to Hang Up the Phone

When It's Time to Hang Up the Phone

When it’s time to hang up the phone
My hand loses all sensation
Its impossible to write anything because
The thought of you breaks concentration

I cant focus on anything except
That smile on your face
Because I know there isn’t a thing in this world
That could ever take its place

Not a single thing has changed
I still remember just the way you feel
I still remember the way I ask myself
How any of this could be real

Because I still have trouble grasping
The fact that all my dreams came true
But then again the truth is
The only thing I dream of is you

I’m always afraid to touch your hand
For I fear that you will fade away
Every single night I beg and plead
That by my side you’ll always stay

Because without you in my life
Colors would cease to exist
When you step into my field of vision
Temptation I cannot resist

Because you give me a reason to wake
You make it all worth while
You give me something no one else can
You give me a reason to smile

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