How Many Colors Do You See?

It is said that women can see more shades of color than men, but whether you?re a man or a woman, the number of colors you can see is limited by the color receptors in your eyes. These cone-shaped receptors are usually divided into three types, each one sensitive to a different color ? red, blue, or green. The rest of the colors we see are just a combination of these three colors.

However, some people only have two types of receptors, making them a little color blind. About half of the population in the world have three types, while the remaining group has four types of receptors, and can see more shades of color than most other people.

If you want to know how many types of cones you have in your eyes, count the number of shades you see in the picture below.

How Many Colors Do You See?

Dont Judge People By Their Past

Dont Judge People By Their Past

Less than 20 shades ? Dichromat

You only have two receptor types, a bit similar to dogs. You probably prefer to wear black, beige, and blue shades. About 25% of the population are dichromats, most of whom are men.

20-32 shades ? Trichromat

You have three types of receptors and enjoy wearing different colors. Your ability to perceive color is within the normal range. Roughly 50% of the population are trichromats.

33-39 shades ? Tetrachromat

You?re probably a tetrachromat, and like bees ? you have four types of receptors in your eyes. You can see quite a few more colors than the average person. You?re probably irritated by the color yellow and less likely to wear clothes in any yellow shade. Some 25% of the population are tetrachromats, most of whom are women.

More than 39 ? Count again

There are only 39 shades in the picture.

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