8 Wise Quotes By Priyanka Chopra

You can hate her or love her but you just can’t ignore her or her achievements. She has time and again made India proud. Yes, that’s Priyanka Chopra for most of us. Personally, I’ve never been too fond of PeeCee. However, her achievements and versatility is what I truly respect. She has been balancing her career in the most brilliant way possible. Lately, she has been juggling between her Quantico Shoot and Bajirao Mastani promotions. The movie which is slated to release tomorrow(Dec 18) is one of the most awaited films of the year.

In a few interviews which PeeCee gave recently, she made some points. No, they aren’t any generic points about the film or her career. Keeping all of that aside, her point blank views were on how women find it difficult to fight in a male-dominated society, her competition with Deepika Padukone to giving one kickass reply to haters of Bajirao Mastani who want to ban the film.

Here are a few notable and applause-worthy excerpts from her interviews which prove one thing: She is much more than a pretty face or an over-achiever. She is one of the most sensible women we have in Indian Cinema who can speak her heart out without fearing anyone. Have a look:

1. “I know that I am straddling two careers..”

“It was my choice and I have to do it. So even if I am shooting in Montreal for my television show, I have a responsibility to promote my film in India. Yes, it is physically tiring, but I don’t have the luxury to complain, and I can’t be hypocritical!”

2. “I can?t help staying silent on this anymore.. It?s too sad to see how films and actors become political pawns!”

“Bans based on baseless propaganda.. Holding films ransom just before they release so that publicity can be garnered for certain agendas by forcing a producer to their knees.. How does no one speak up for what is right? How is this fair? People think films r just fun and games to make?! They r made with blood sweat and tears for entertainment!!

Pls stand by the filmmakers who put in their life?s money and hard work to make people laugh and smile. Don?t let them be blackmailed and threatened by holding their films ransom just before release. Speak up before if there is an issue!

Everyone has a right to an opinion. The timing right before release just seems very suspect!! I know I may get into trouble for saying all this but I can?t be a silent witness to character defamation based on opinions anymore.. That is not what, the India I grew up, taught me.”

3. “I think women have been treated like second-class people, no matter where in the world we go.”

“I think we have reached a point where certain women are standing up for themselves and demanding to be taken seriously for their jobs, on merit. I think it is a great time for feminism, there are so many people standing up for women’s rights. So yes, this is a global problem.”

4. “I don’t think you should be in a relationship if your partner is in love with someone else.”

“It is terrible. I believe you should be with the one you love and with whomever you find happiness ? this applies to men and women. There are no excuses if you are unhappy in a relationship. I am sorry, but I am a 21st century girl and that’s how I feel. There is enough pressure by society to be a certain way and behave a certain way, especially for women. For eons, women have been told how to be and what not to be. I don’t think you should be in the relationship when your partner feels for someone else. It is also about one’s self-respect.”

5. “My choice of films has never been because of a certain hero. I depend on myself, my part and the director.”

“The male lead is never the reason; of course, it is a bonus if you get a great co-star who brings in box office bucks. I like creating art and working with filmmakers who enjoy being on a film set, and who want to live and die there telling stories.”

6. “I am very confident about my talent, and I am not competitive, but collaborative!”

“I had only eight scenes in Kaminey, but I wanted to work with Vishal Bhardwaj. Someone once told me, “There are no small roles, there are only small actors.” If actors compete with each other, it is not about the film anymore. I play a part in the film, I am not the film. Deepika and I have been friends for years and we were both so excited about our parts in Bajirao Mastani. If you work only for yourself… how will the film ever win?”

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