10 Reasons You And Your Bestie Need To Take A Road Trip Together

Are you a big fan of travelling, travelogues and movies? Are you really keen on taking a trip with your best friend? Don’t think too much. Our 10 reasons will definitely motivate you to plan this road trip right away!

1. Getting into trouble with your partner in crime will be fun.

It doesn’t matter if you get lost, witness non-stop rain or have a flat tyre. Just bring it on!

2. Believe it or not, the best conversations happen at the most random places.

These conversations will be about things you’ve never shared before or the most absurd life lessons you’ve learnt. And they’d be the best conversations you’ll ever have with your best friend.

3. Imagine having a drink with your BFF in the middle of nowhere.

In the midst of a green jungle, close to an isolated lake or on a hill top with a gorgeous view, a nice drink, and you and your best friend. Isn’t that something we’ve all wanted to experience?

4. They’ll be open to trying crazy things.

From adventure sports to trying unconventional food items, they’ll be accompanying you throughout. No hassles about likes and dislikes when the BFF is on the side.

5. You’ll get to do everything you’ve seen in the movies.

Every time you saw a road trip movie, you wished it was you! You finally have the opportunity in hand.

6. And the unbelievable in-car-entertainment.

All those chichora songs and personalized playlists will come in handy now.

7. Watching the sunrise and sunset with the BFF has been a dream for the longest time.

This will be the best part of the trip. And there will be just too many of them to share.

8. It’ll make your friendship stronger.

Yes, taking a road trip together will take your friendship to a newer level. You both will see each other stepping out of your comfort zones, having sleepless nights which will be close to re-discovering each other.

9. This is a classic case of the journey being better than the destination.

From getting into trouble to getting out of it to the endless pictures you will click. Everything will make this journey unforgettable. After all, you have your favourite people with you.

10. Each and every moment of the trip will be you and your best friend.

There will be endless sessions of catching up with each other. Old memories, bitching about the girls you never liked or the guy you both, are all things that’ll come up on this once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

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