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13 Struggles Of People Who’ve Just Come Out Of A Complicated Relationship

Once upon a time, a person entered your life only to leave you with a sense of uncertainty. You made the best memories with them. There were late night calls, long drives, dates, lots of kisses and a perfect romance. But along with everything nice, there was a sense of emptiness. Something was always missing. It was the ‘tag’ of a relationship, but that was it. And now that it’s over, you are left alone searching for answers.

If this is your story, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

1.You cannot refer to them as your ex.

You weren’t together. In your head you were, but there were no defined boundaries or commitments that a relationship needs. Sadly, this was nothing but a ‘complicated’ relationship.

2. You keep re-analysing their texts and the conversations you had with them.

Looking back, you wonder about the other person’s intentions.

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