7 Fantastic Tips For A Happy And Loving Relationship

5. Give each other space

We all tend to get angry and experience unexplained mood swings from time to time, but as my parents taught me when someone close to me experiences these things, I have to give them space and time to work through it. This does only good for relationships because the last thing an angry person needs is to talk about why they are angry, the first thing they need to do is calm down so that they can open up later. My parents explain that giving your partner time and space, and not taking it personally when they are angry, having a bad day or are down in the dumps, can be a great gift for the relationship.

Even if you think you are 100 percent right when emotions arise and you expect your partner to speak rationally, you are actually only intensifying the emotional turmoil they are experiencing and therefore are not making any progress towards happiness in your relationship. So, all you have to do if your partner is experiencing a bad day is to give them the time and space to relax and then have a mature and positive conversation as you learned to do in the previous section.

7 Fantastic Tips For A Happy And Loving Relationship

6. Look for, support and accept each person’s personal growth

My parents explain that in order to establish a happy and healthy relationship it is best to have two people who feel obligated to growth and development in their personal and shared lives. The couple should be curious and want to learn from the world and from each other, and by doing so they will provide each other with the freedom to grow within the relationship.

Sometimes, some of us encounter stubborn people who aren’t willing to open and learn and who tend to stay in their comfort zone, but in this case, they should understand that changes happen and are an integral part of life. If you want to have a happy and stable relationship, you have to look for, support and accept your partner’s personal growth, along with all the changes that will come with it.

7 Fantastic Tips For A Happy And Loving Relationship

7. Practice love daily

The last point my parents advise in the search for a happy relationship is to practice love every day. In a healthy and long-term relationship, there are two people who love each other more than they need each other. Because of this, the relationship becomes a safer environment in which love can be practiced; Love is practice – a daily return of sincerity, presence, communication, acceptance, forgiveness, and patience.

Unfortunately, we sometimes forget to practice it and tend to treat love as something obvious that can be reached at any given moment. We want to reach this wonderful feeling without effort, and when that doesn’t happen, we think that the relationship is broken. However, by thinking this way, we miss the whole idea and meaning of a happy relationship and above all, of love. Therefore, you must remember that love is a day-to-day practice that tests you in the uncomfortable moments in which you must take a deep breath and see what needs to be practiced at the moment. This will help you establish a happy, healthy, stable and long-term relationship.

7 Fantastic Tips For A Happy And Loving Relationship

A few words to close

My parents have been married for 45 years, have been in a relationship with each other for over 50 years, and they love each other more every day. Thanks to their great advice for a happy relationship, I also have a stable, healthy and loving relationship. Their advice is the best thing I’ve ever received and I’ve chosen to share it with you in hopes that they will help you too. A last tip from me: You can talk to other adult couples in your life and see what advice they can give you for a happy and long-term relationship.

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