7 Things You Can Relate If You Love Pleasing People

3. You are well connected in your social circles.

You are surely the life of any party. Social, likable, friendly, approachable, outgoing – these traits describe you the best. You have a very magnetic personality, one because of which you end up gaining a large and dependable support system.

4. You having amazing PR skills and tend to do well professionally.

These days, work is more about networking than just being good at the job you are entrusted with. Being approachable, and at the same time always going the extra mile to make long lasting relationships with your colleagues and superiors gives you an edge over others.

5. You have a hard time saying ‘no’

You are one of those who would attend a karaoke session with a friend just to make them happy, even if it isn’t your cup of tea. You have a hard time saying ‘no’, even if it is for things which drain you or don’t make you happy.

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