8 Reasons You Did Not Get That Hot Guy But Deserve To

A hot guy is not some unicorn in Bollywood. He does exist in the real world. He’s the elusive eye candy you can never have.

Well, that’s what you’ve been telling yourself since forever, right?

You blame yourself. For not being attractive enough, not being smart enough, and so on. But really, here’s why you need to blame yourself

Disclaimer: This story doesn’t just apply to girls and gay guys. Straight guys, before you feel left out, just think of all the creepy things you’ve done around hot girls, these tips apply to you as well.

1. You give him too much attention.

You know he’s got it all – those eyes, that jawline, the entire package. Which obviously gets him a lot of attention. The moment he walks in to the room, all eyes are on him. And if he sticks to a gang of friends, you do know that he has that charm that captivates his friends.

Don’t stare at him. Don’t laugh at his jokes unless they’re really funny. And most importantly, stop telling him how lovely his eyes are. He knows that. Just be normal, because that’s not what he’s used to. It makes him more interested when you really don’t find his jokes funny or treat him like just any other guy.

8 Reasons You Did Not Get That Hot Guy But Deserve To

2. You think he’s confident and cocky.

When, in reality, he might just be a down-to-earth Greek God. You’re imagining him as the alpha male of his pack who can get anybody he wants because you know that statistically, good looking people have their way. But have you ever wondered that he might have insecurities just like you? While you think you’re ugly, he’s probably thinking about how unfashionable and intellectually bland he is for you.

Looks play a role in the laws of attraction but it’s the mind that sets off the sparks. If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering how a hot stud has an average looking partner, this is probably why.

8 Reasons You Did Not Get That Hot Guy But Deserve To

3. You’re too busy being fake.

You try to align yourself to him. You tell him you love cricket because that’s what you think might spark his interest in you. But here’s the bad news. He’s been through it all and by now he’s sick of it.

He’s looking for someone genuine. And if you’re not going to be who you are, then he’s just not for you.

8 Reasons You Did Not Get That Hot Guy But Deserve To

4. You’re intimidated by him.

Tongue tied when he talks to you, gawking when he looks in your direction, looking away when he looks into your eyes. You’re petrified and that’s making him uncomfortable.

You need to be in your comfort zone and you need to be unfazed. Yes, he’s hot. Yes, you’re sweating. Yes, you’re nervous. Just pull yourself together, because if you don’t, he’s just going to think that he’s intimidating.

8 Reasons You Did Not Get That Hot Guy But Deserve To

5. You’re only judging a book by its cover.

Remember the compliments he gets on a daily basis? He’s sick of it. Keep your compliments to what you see behind that pretty face. Take an interest in his talent, his skills, his intellect. If these appeal to you, by all means, do compliment.

Avoid compliments on how tall he is or how big his muscles are. Reality check: He already knows that. It impresses him more when you like what’s inside. His personality, not what’s inside his pants!! >:|

8 Reasons You Did Not Get That Hot Guy But Deserve To

6. You assume he’s taken.

He’s not a Bollywood heartthrob and it’s possible him to be single. Good looks are not a guarantee to a flourishing love life, and as I mentioned, it’s hard for him to find a person who wants him as that funny, sweet and sensitive boyfriend, and not the trophy that makes everyone else jealous. *cough…Eva Longoria…cough*

8 Reasons You Did Not Get That Hot Guy But Deserve To

So be a person who is not fazed by his charm. Contrary to a stick of butter that melts under his hotness ;).

7. You think he wants you to be perfect.

Believe me, he’s probably been paired with his gorgeous equals. But this is reality, not a fairy tale. ‘Happily ever after’ is an illusion! So if you think he’s Ken looking for his Barbie, you couldn’t be more wrong.

He might look unimpressed or troubled when he’s scanning the bar, but really he’s probably just troubled by something else…his job. Every sane person is troubled with his job.

8 Reasons You Did Not Get That Hot Guy But Deserve To

8. You’re not being yourself.

Take off those ridiculous clothes and that Kabuki mask of make-up! Stop being a Victorian lady who god sent to earth as his soul mate. You might not have something in common and you might not catch his drift, but guess what? It’s okay!

Also avoid reverse psychology and playing hard to get. Just be that someone who enjoys being who they are and is comfortable in they own skin, anytime, anywhere. I know you’ll have that hot guy pushing past others just to to talk to you. You can do it and I believe you!!

8 Reasons You Did Not Get That Hot Guy But Deserve To

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