How To Deal With A Toxic Partner

Ideally we should build relationship with those who bring us understanding, love and compassion. Unfortunately, that’s not what happens in real life. Quite often we engage in a relationship with toxic people. We are afraid to be lonely, but a relationship with a toxic partner can cause you more pain and suffering than your loneliness. But before breaking up with your partner considering him or her to be toxic, you should make sure that you are dealing with a toxic person. In order to do so, you should check out the signs that your partner is toxic.


Toxic Partner Signs

1. No Respect

Partners respect each other. If your partner is showing you nothing but disrespect to you, probably you are in a toxic relationship. Your partner is trying to underestimate you, makes fun of your attempts in anything? You are in trouble.

2. No Trust

Your partner doesn’t trust you? Your partner suspects you in infidelity whenever you are late from work or hanging out with your friends? Well, then you are in a toxic relationship!

3. Making You Doubt Yourself

Your partner makes you think that you are not good enough at anything? Your partner makes you think that you are very lucky that he or she is with you despite you being a total loser? Well, that’s a clear sign that your partner is toxic.

4. Not Appreciating Your Presence

Your partner must be happy whenever you are around, otherwise you are in good old toxic relationship. Your partner is constantly telling you that he or she needs more free time? Your partner tells you that he or she is unhappy with a way you’re spending your time together? Let us guess, your partner doesn’t offer any alternative ways of spending time together, right? You are definitely in a toxic relationship.

5. Making No Effort

When you are in a relationship, you are building it together, with both of you making certain efforts. When your partner is constantly blaming you for not making enough efforts for your relationship to benefit, while making no efforts on his or her own… that what happens when you date a toxic partner.


How to Deal with a Toxic Partner:-

While the most logical decision would be breaking up with a toxic partner, some may wonder whether there is a cure from being a toxic person. Well, no one knows for sure, but there are certain ways to deal with your toxic partner avoiding a breakup. We offer you to check those ways without a further ado.

1. Don’t Take Responsibility for Your Partner’s Suffering

Your partner is most likely to have problems and to put the blame on you. Don’t take responsibility. Your partner’s problems started long before he or she had met you. And you are not responsible for the fact that they are not trying to solve those problems. You can give an advice on solving your partner’s problems, but never try solving them yourself. The less you take responsibility, the less reasons your partner will have to blame you.

2. Always Tell the Truth

When you are in a relationship with a toxic partner, you should never lie. Your toxic partner is already full of suspicions, and if you start lying, you would only give them more reasons to suspect you. So, whatever you do – don’t lie about it.

3. Never Show Your Anger

Your toxic partner is feeding on your anger. Thus, your relationship will only benefit from cutting that source of energy. Whenever you are getting angry, don’t call or text your partner. Wait till you get calm. Either your partner is going to change or he or she would leave to find someone else on whose anger they might feed. Don’t get upset, as you are winning in both cases.

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