Letting Go Of Sorrow

Letting Go Of Sorrow

If I allow bitterness and resentment to fester inside, it will make my relationships guarded and unsatisfying. The more I close down to others, the more I become a stranger to myself. By letting go of sorrow and negativity, I can keep my nature open and loving. Remaining open to life, with its constant adventures and opportunities to grow, is the only way to reach my full potential.

Free from Waste

In order to be the best, it is important to be free from waste. Even a drop of something negative spoils the taste and utility of something positive. In the same way, if I want to make my thoughts and life beautiful, I need to keep myself free from waste and negative. To be the best, I need to free myself of waste. Today I will check if I am free from waste. Whenever I catch myself spending time and energy with anything waste, I will stop, check and change. This will keep me positive throughout the day.

A Simple Definition Of Contentment

If one was asked to define contentment, how would one do the same? A very simple and easy to understand, definition of contentment, is:

"At the present moment:

* wherever you are is wherever you are meant to be,

* whatever you are doing is whatever you are meant to be doing and

* whatever everyone else is doing is what they are meant to be doing."

To experience constant contentment, we need to become aware of all the things that make us discontent (dissatisfied) and free ourselves from those things (ideas, opinions, objects, people). We don’t have to reject them or distance ourselves from them, but a detachment from them, a detachment at the level of the consciousness that will bring back our inner freedom. Detachment is then accompanied by the experience of a deep, inner awareness of satisfaction and stillness, because you stop being dependent on anything or anyone outside ourselves.

It is highly unlikely that we will arrive at this deep state of fulfillment very soon – though we may touch it and experience it temporarily. It is only by understanding and accepting completely that everything is the way it is meant to be at every moment, both outside our minds and inside our minds that we move closer to being content.  

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