The Broken Wing Love

The Broken Wing Love

Love heals, but love with unacknowledged ‘broken wings’ never gets off the ground for long. Love with a couple needs four wings to fly the highest into a freedom and bliss that remains forever. To really love, you have to ‘let go’ of things that create a love that flutters and gets lost in flight, even before love has really begun. Love isn’t a trip to a Safari park, or to a caged love, but a journey out of all cages to a freedom beyond words that has no limits.

Love is free, but freedom has constraints! The biggest constraint is ‘you’ unprepared for the transcending of who you are not, but are trapped into thinking you are. An escape from all impediments, begins to heal the emotional broken wings. The birth of a new dimension in experience is in you hands to choose. No choice is a choice. Doing nothing but living out your life with no introspection is to ‘bypass’ the possibilities of evolving the spirit of life and love. Giving up freedoms is not just an outer containment, but an inner prison that shuts out the growth of the emotional and spiritual. The mind alone isn’t adequate without paying attention to emotional/spiritual barriers.

Bonding as a couple if one or both of you is an ’emotional broken wing’ from uncleared negative childhood issues is akin to ‘walking a high wire tight rope’ without the acquired skills. Things may at first seem good, but the issues come up and splatter the good intentions. Most are conditioned to accept problems, and end up moving around them while the intended love is kept together by fears, and well, by a fragile string. People are more prepared today to be smarter, and educated so as to be a success financially, but almost nothing in schools works on the emotional, spiritual life. Why? Easy. The teachers/professors are too emotionally/spiritually handicapped themselves!

Open communication, sound agreements, and the focus on a total heart opening are especially important if one or both partners have any unresolved issues from underlying fears, be it fear of abandonment, intimacy, trust, and so forth. The fear of ‘flying, uninhibited into a total freedom of love’ evades billions, and likely no one in your lineage has been able to heal into a love that transcends all blocks. Don’t let it be in competition with other priorities as rarely it is not the case. The only problem in life is missing enough love! Trying to grow roses in a garden of weeds is futile. Weeds are personal insecurity, jealousies, self doubt, miseries, ego trips, being someone you are not, and on and on.

There are no tomorrows for love – only now! Time to have the courage to ‘untangle’ all barriers, and staying focused on the highest possibilities. No moment in history has been better for so many to fly with uninhibited love than the moment now!

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