Zodiac Signs – Love and Compatibility

Based on the four primary elements, i.e., earth, fire, air and water, all the Sun Signs are classified into four categories: 1) Earth Signs, 2) Fire Signs, 3) Air Signs, and 4) Water Signs.

The elements not only have distinct characteristics, but also have a strong influence on our existence. In fact, they are like the principles of life, which give a broad idea about how a person would lead his life. When people share same element, it considerably increases the likelihood of them sharing similar traits.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth is the foundation of civilisation, prosperity and progress. Earth is not made up of just one element; it is combination of many mineral compounds and other elements. Likewise, people born under an Earth Sign are dependable, stable, solid and multi faceted. Down to earth and humble, they don’t aim for recognition. If something has to be done, it has to be done, they believe. Besides, they practise what they believe in. So you would rarely find an Earth Sign native not giving his best to complete a project. They mean business, and if it brings status and fame, they would happily accept them. However, their popularity never goes to their heads.

They are rigid and stubborn. If they make up their minds, it is next to impossible to convince them to change their opinion. While in the competitive world such determination may work as an advantage, it may disrupt the harmony in their personal lives. The Earth people dislike change. Given a choice, they would happily be contented with what they already have. They will prefer a time-tested route over an unexplored path that increases the possibility of a failure. In other words, they are conventional and cautious. Because of these characteristics, they sometimes let lucrative opportunities slip through their fingers.


While they may find the quick, animated and energetic Air sign natives to be fascinating, the Earth people may find the people with Fire element to be too aggressive and forceful. Earth Signs are not as sensitive as the Water Signs are, however, the latter has the capacity to comfort the tension-prone Earth signs.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire is an unpredictable element which is difficult to control. Fire has its own rhythm and positive points, but if enough attention is not paid, it can cause massive destruction, too. Just like fire, people born under a Fire sign are strong, bright, aggressive, passionate and will not let anything come in their way, be it emotions or people. They have amazing leadership quality, all thanks to their confident, dynamic personality and enthusiasm. They trust their instincts which usually lead them to the right path. They also have a strong sense of self-respect; hurt that and you’ll certainly regret your actions!

They tend to be arrogant, rude and self-centred. Unlike the Earth people, they want recognition and compliments for their efforts and achievements. They make it point that they don’t go unnoticed. They are very vocal about their wants and opinions.

So when they want anything, they will convey it directly, to the right person. Don’t expect a Fire person to sit beside you, wipe your tears and heal your wounds. Although they may try to comfort you and offer a shoulder to cry on, they may soon lose patience. Be prepared for that!


Although they are compatible with the Air sings, Fire people sometimes get bored, irritated, tired with their constant intellectual observations. Water and fire, both have the capacity to distroy the other. Therefore, the relationship between a Fire sign native and a Water sign native will require a lot of nurturing, and it should be handled with utmost care.

An Earth sign native can provide the much needed discipline and make the Fire sign native channelise in the right direction.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Unlike earth, fire and water, you cannot see air. However, it doesn’t lessen the importance of this primary element of life force. Air can reach the heights where no other element can. You can hold air in a container, but not for long. It will find a way out or become stale.

Similarly, it is not easy to restrict Air signs within a particular area. They are like free birds that will listen to their own voice, change the directions on their will and enjoy their freedom. Talkative and creative, the Air people are thinkers who would ideate and make sure that their plans get materialised.

These people are unpredictable, just like the wind. They are extremely goal oriented, so much so that they would not waste time on feelings and emotional discussions. They would keep themselves away from heavy emotional discussions and expressing their feelings. This may not go down well with the people around them.

Others may perceive them to be eccentric, but the truth is they are ahead of their times and can think deeply about abstract matters. It is their unconventional thinking pattern which differentiates them from the rest of the crowd. They are intelligent and exceptionally good at formulating theories, finding answers to complicated puzzles, research and solving problems.


Come to think of it, Air doesn’t need any other element. Nevertheless, other elements do make a difference in the lives of the Air sign. Fire can help Air rise and become an energy booster. Earth sign can expect warmth from the an Air sign.

However, it may also find it difficult to bring the Air sign come to its level. The Air-Water combination is a dangerous one because it has a great potential to destruct the surroundings, just like a tornado and tsunami.

Unless they ignore the minor differences in their relationship, it is not an advisable union.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water can be found in the everything around us, in some or the other form. It doesn’t have any shape, but it will get into the shape of the container in which it is put. It is harmless as long as it is in a controlled environment.

But the magnitude of devastation can be unimaginable when water goes out of control. People born under a Water sign has similar characteristics. When their emotions are threatened and they no more cope with the situation, they can fall prey to food, drugs, alcohol. Water signs are the most sensitive Signs of the entire zodiac calendar.

They have an innate ability to understand people, their motives. In other words, the Water signs know how to deal with others.

Such a trait makes them caring, empathetic, loving and helpful individuals. They will willingly sacrifice their interests in order to help others. But when others don’t even acknowledge their efforts and sacrifices, they get deeply hurt. They deeply feel every emotion and therefore the emotions rule their actions.


An Earth-Water combination works well for both the people involved. While Water help Earth grow to its full potential, Earth will provide a comfortable home to Water. A Fire sign can provide the courage and motivation to the Water sign to reach great heights.

However, this is can become a complicated relationship. A Water-Air combination can only be favourable if they respect each other’s individuality and don’t let a situation get blown out of proportion.

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