A Story Of A Boy And The Servant

There was a boy who used to be a servant for a rich family. They provided him accommodation, food and everyday some money for tea or snacks. This boy after finishing his morning works used to go to tea stall nearby and spend sometime drinking tea, eating and talking to regular customers. One day he was out to tea stall as usual. There was one beggar newly arrived and stayed put near tea stall. This boy found some kind of attraction towards this beggar. May be sympathy? He bought a tea and some snacks for the beggar and sat near him talking. While leaving he gave beggar whatever money left with him.

This became a routine and continued for sometime. On the other hand, beggar’s regular collections started reducing because people now used to him. But he didn’t want to move to other place for better income for the beggar felt somewhat attached to the servant boy. Sometimes all the beggar’s collection for whole day was what the boy gave to him. The beggar didn’t like to move out of their meeting place. One day the boy didn’t appear as usual. Beggar got worried but thought he might have some work to finish. Next day also the boy was not seen. Thus gone ten days. By now beggar concluded that the boy might have either gone to his native or found a new job. But beggar was more worried for the boy didn’t inform him about these. So he finally decided to move to a better place next morning. That night, somebody disturbed beggar’s sleep. When he woke up, he saw the boy sitting near to him and crying. Boy was looking tired. He was locked up inside the house where he worked as servant. He was not given food to eat and allowed to go out for the rich man suspected the boy to stole the necklace of his wife.

Later after ten days of torture, when they found necklace, they thrown him out of their house. It was not boy stole the necklace but the rich man’s wife forgotten where she kept. Though mistake was of rich women, the boy was thrown out of house where he served sincerely for many years! Beggar listened to the story patiently. The boy was crying for he still couldn’t understand why he was thrown out. Beggar was too matured to get emotional like the boy. For him, these are common and already witnessed things. He advised the boy not to worry and he promised to take the boy with him next morning. Next day beggar took the boy with him and fed him stomachful. After finishing the breakfast, they left for a new place searching for a new experience. Later it’s heard that, the boy found a new house to serve. The beggar fixed a place in near area to take care of the boy.

Morals of the story:

1. The boy didn’t expect anything in return when given to beggar. All he had was sympathy towards the beggar.

2. Rich family treated boy very well for they want a good faithful servant. But when something went missing the faithful servant became the first suspect. For rich, it’s easy to suspect and target poor.

3. When the rich man found his wife to be blamed for missing necklace, he didn’t care to punish her or seek pardon from the boy. Instead he thrown the boy out of his house.

4. The boy was careless and spent all money he got for he was not matured to understand – the situations can’t be same always. He thought his life will be same always.

5. Even while boy spent money, he spent it for a good cause which came to his rescue when he was in need. Even savings wouldn’t have instantly helped as the beggar did.

6. Beggar was faithful for the hands that fed him. When got a chance he was happy to pay it back.

7. Life is a long journey. We don’t know who will support us when in need. So treating everyone nicely is important saving for future.

8. Who to give and whom to give, who to connect with whom all decided by previous births. The boy was particularly attracted by this beggar shows some kind of past connection between them. So to fight or to embrace someone is what decided by us through our karma.

9. Also the people we meet, we love, we like, we hate, we fight, we depend are sort of steps towards our journey.

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