The Love In Her Heart

The Love in her Heart

Once upon a time there lived Love..

In a small village a girl was born, so Love decided to go and live in her small heart which was beating softly and making Love feel warm.

When the girl opened her eyes she saw a woman and Love whispered in her ear “That’s you mother”. Girl was too young to understand Love’s words, but something made her smile and the woman smiled too.

Later when she said “Mother” for the first time she put all the love she had into that word.

But there was a man too, and when Love said “This is your Father” the girl understood that she had to share her love with two people.

One day her mother came with a baby in her hands. “That’s your brother” whispered Love and the girls eyes were shining from happiness, she was trying to give all her love to that baby with her smile. Now there were more people to love.

Girl was growing up, sharing her Love with people, friends, the nature and the world. The more love she gave, the more she had left in her heart.

Years passed, and one day her heart started beating faster and faster. She felt happy and sad at the same time.

When she asked Love what was happening to her the Love answered “You are in love”. Girl didn’t understand what that meant. “This is the person who you will give all your love”, these words scared her as the girl thought that she herself will stay without love.

But after giving Him all her love and feeling the joy for holding her own baby she understood that now she had even more love.

And all her life she was giving her love to the world, but at the same time keeping the Love in her heart.

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