The Special Day

Darcy had a lot of friends, and she was friendly too. She shared each day with all her friends a happy word or two. She always had a joyful smile and pleasant things to say, but she did not seem caring on her best friend’s special day.

Her best friend’s name was Gina. They were close as friends could be. They always shared their birthdays. They were just like family. But this year Gina’s birthday somehow slipped from Darcy’s mind, and all the day at school, Darcy did not seem very kind.

She did not want to tell Darcy her birthday was that day. She thought she should remember. It had always been that way, but somehow Darcy didn’t know, and as the day went by she made her poor friend Gina feel so sad that she could cry.

At lunch they sat together with some friends to eat their food, but Darcy seemed to busy to catch on to Gina’s mood. Then after school when Darcy called, she still forgot the day! She wanted to tell Darcy, but did not know what to say.

The two hung up the phones, and just then Darcy realized it was her best friend’s birthday, and she had been caught surprised. “Oh dear,” she said while staring at the calendar she had. The date was clearly marked and that made Darcy feel so bad.

“I’ve been so selfish! Gina must think I don’t even care. I have to make this better. I’ve been terribly unfair!” So Darcy rode her bike down to the store to get a gift.

She hoped it would not be too late to give hear heart a lift.

She hurried to her house, feeling ashamed that she forgot. Though she did care for Gina, she had not shown it a lot. When Gina opened up the door, she saw her best friend there; still sweating from the bike ride, and with really messy hair.

“I’m sorry I forgot, but happy birthday,” Darcy said. So pleased to see her, Gina said, “come in you silly-head!” They both enjoyed a party, and they quickly made amends.

They grew yet ever closer as the very best of friends.

So Darcy learned, that just to care, was not all caring was. What matters most is showing care in what one says and does.

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