You Are My Life!

You Are My Life!

There was a boy in India who was sent by his parents

to a boarding school. Before being sent away this boy

was the brightest student in his class. He was at the

top in every competition. He was a champion.

But the boy changed after leaving home and attending

the boarding school. His grades started dropping.

He hated being in a group. He was lonely all the time.

And there were especially dark times

when he felt like committing suicide.

All of this because he felt worthless

and that no one loved him.

His parents started worrying about the boy.

But even they did not know what was wrong with him.

So his dad decided to travel to the boarding school

and talk with him.

They sat on the bank of the lake near the school.

The father started asking him casual questions

about his classes, teachers and sports.

After some time his dad said,

‘Do you know son, why I am here today?"

The boy answered back, "to check my grades?"

"No, no" his dad replied,

"I am here to tell you that

you are the most important person for me.

I want to see you happy.

I don’t care about grades.

I care about you.

I care about your happiness.


These words caused the boy’s eyes to fill with tears.

He hugged his dad. They didn’t say anything

to each other for a long time.

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