10 Beauty Habits You Must Adopt In Life

There’s a lot more to beauty than just good genetics. In fact, much of it is down to adopting good habits, such as drinking a glass of water, or religiously following a multi-step skincare system. The cumulative effects of such good habits can only serve you in good stead in the future. Here are 10 useful beauty habit that you’ll be glad you took up:

1. Keep your feet above your head

10 Beauty Habits You Must Adopt In Life

Lie down, facing upward, and lean your legs against a wall while you’re on the phone or doing a face mask. This habit can help you to avoid varicose veins when you get older. In addition, it helps blood from your legs flow into your body without also having to overcome the force of gravity. It’s a great way of giving your veins a rest.

2. Use SPF all year round

10 Beauty Habits You Must Adopt In Life

Although doing so might seem odd, applying sunscreen to your skin all the way throughout the year is a really good habit to adopt. That’s because the sun’s radiation affects your skin regardless of whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter. Various studies have shown that those who apply sunscreen daily age 24% more slowly than those who do not.

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