10 Expert Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

There are so many different types of cleaning supplies out there. Everything from wet wipes to vacuum cleaners play a huge role in keeping our space clean. But there is really no peace for those that like a perfectly clean home. After all the moving, packing, sweeping and swabbing, just when you settle down to enjoy your triumph, there will always be that singular dust bunny that rolls out of a corner, almost mocking you.

Keeping aside the tendency of dust to stick to everything, it is also extremely bad for your health to let dust settle in your home. They are essentially clusters of dirt from all different kinds of places, and most people are highly allergic to dust. Even for those who aren’t, it still isn’t particularly pleasurable to live around. Getting rid of dust can sometimes be really difficult. But that’s why we’ve found 10 great ways of getting rid of the stuff no matter how far in your home it is hiding from you.

1. Using Pillowcases to Clean Your Fans

10 Expert Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Nothing in your house will gather dust quite like fans do. For all the rapid movement they do, we’d like to believe otherwise. But when the weather gets cool and we switch them off, the dust settles. And your white-colored fans are suddenly black. Well. Grayish black.

When it comes to dust, fans are especially hard-to-reach places. But the easy fix is to use a pillowcase. Just slide it on so the blade of the fan is in the pillowcase, move it back and forth a couple times to make sure you got all the dust, and then you can easily toss the pillowcase in the washer, and it will come back to you good as new.

Just to be on the safe side, I would give the pillowcase a good shake over the trash can before washing it, to get all the dust out.

2. Use Socks For Your Sweeper

10 Expert Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

The swiffer sweeper is like a gift from God for doing the chores of dusting and sweeping the floors simultaneously. But it is still one of those pieces-sold-separately kind of devices, so you have to keep buying refills for the pad that is attached the bottom, which is both time-consuming and pretty expensive in the long run. One great way of saving yourself that trip to the grocery store is to use an item commonly found at home, that most of us have in spades, which tends to be a real dust-magnet anyway. Socks. You can just slide any old sock, one of those lone socks that has long since lost its partner in crime, over the bottom pad and presto! Your sweeper is ready to go.

3. Use Tongs and a Cloth

10 Expert Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Usually, the easiest way to dust your window blinds would be with a feather duster, which is amusing to look at, but not so effective at dusting, particularly because the dust in these areas not only accumulates in chunks, but has a way of spreading almost evenly to every corner of the blinds.

An easy way of getting all of those hard to reach dust patches is using a pair of tongs and an ordinary microfiber cloth. Take two pieces of cloth, ideally equal in size and roll them up. Leave just enough room in the center to slip one side of the tongs in between each rolled up cloth. Bind them together using rubber bands so that the cloths stay on. Then get to dusting!

4. Use Paint Brushes to Dust Small Spaces

10 Expert Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Another great trick for those tough-to-reach spots is using a paint brush, or even a sponge brush, instead of a normal duster.

For obvious reasons, they can often reach those incessant corners in the back that always have an extra layer of dust left over from the last time you couldn’t quite reach it. They are also great for cleaning household objects and ornaments, and around the nails and rivets of most tables, cupboards and other similar items.

5. Wipe With Coffee Filters

10 Expert Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Unlike most dusters, microfiber cloths, vacuum cleaners and other typical cleaning appliances, coffee filters are a dime a dozen. Literally. And they are extremely multipurpose. Not only do they help you brew yourself one fine cup of coffee to get your day started, but they can also be great for keeping the various screens around your house dust-free.

Everything from your TV screens, to your laptops, windows, and even your tablets and phones. Coffee filters are fantastic at catching dust, grains and other dirt, and what makes them so useful for cleaning your electronic items is that they don’t scratch the screens.

6. Dust Light Bulbs with Alcohol

10 Expert Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

While we usually make a habit of cleaning lampshades and chandeliers and dust them well, we often forget to check under them to see how the individual bulbs are doing. And this can be problematic because bulbs tend to lose some of their luster with each new layer of dust they get. The dust can accumulate and drastically reduce the brightness of the bulbs.

Don’t worry, there is an easy fix. A little bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth can help you get rid of each and every layer of grime, no matter how stubborn and seemingly resistant it may be to other methods of cleaning.

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