10 Expert Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

7. Use Bread to Dust Paintings

10 Expert Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Bread is one of the most absorbent materials out there. It can grab onto and soak up most things it touches. This quality makes it not only great for sobering you up after one drink too many, but also for gathering dust.

Of course, you don’t want to be buying loaf after loaf just to keep the house clean when there are so many other, more appropriate ways of cleaning. But bread is a great way to keep your paintings dust-free, without having to use other cleansing methods that could damage the artwork. Bagels work well, too!

8. Clean Fake Plants With Condiments

10 Expert Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Believe it or not, even plastic plants can wilt. Faux plants start off with a shine, but start fading after a while, especially if not dusted frequently because, as I mentioned before, dust starts accumulating.

There is one surprising household item that works great for helping your plants get their luster back. As it turns out, mayonnaise isn’t just good in sandwiches. Apply a small amount to a cloth and wipe down the plant thoroughly. You’ll have it looking new again in no time!

9. Clean Small Spaces With a Ruler and a Cloth

10 Expert Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

This is a nifty trick you can try for cleaning grates and reaching deep or high corners in cupboards, bookshelves, closets or pantries that are usually a struggle to keep clean. Wrap the ruler with a cloth and tie a rubber band around it to keep it firm. This improvised cleaning utensil can also be used for cleaning up spaces under speakers, refrigerators and various other appliances.

10. Apply Turtle Wax to Your Vents to Keep Them Dust Free

10 Expert Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

The vents in your house, especially if you have centralized heating or air conditioning, can gather some intense amounts of dirt and dust. So you can use any of the above methods or even just a normal washcloth to clean it off.

To make sure it stays clean, use a sponge or cloth to apply turtle wax to the vents, as it will protect them from dust for a long time. It may be a little more work, but it saves you a lot of work in the future.

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