12 Simple Tricks To Keep Yourself Motivated

Are you bored with your life? Are you uninspired to update your blog? Are you lazy to shoot your short film? Let’s put that aside now because we’re bringing you 12 simple tricks that will help you get back on track right away.

1. Start now.

Tell yourself to start this moment. Not in the evening and not tomorrow, right NOW.

2. Set a performance goal.

Setting a goal helps you find your way forward. This comes in handy for various things, such as, if you have a bunch of emails to reply to, or laundry to do, or bills to pay. Setting a goal will help you tackle al3 of this.

3. Make an if-then rule.

The if-then rule is very simple. Suppose you finish a task that had been pending a while, treat yourself. For minor tasks, you can get yourself chocolates or a nice meal. For bigger tasks, you can treat yourself with a vacation.

4. Don’t think about survival.

Everyone learns to survive sooner or later. Sadly, we are so worried about making enough money, or doing things the right away, that we forget to look at the more important things. Instead of survival, we should motivate ourselves to become the best version of ourselves, the best of everything. We should aim at setting an example and nothing less than that.

5. Rise above your insecurities.

Instead of feeling jealous about other people’s successes, try and figure out the reason behind it. There must be a story. They would have developed great habits, worked hard and made certain compromises to get where they have.

6. Get a routine.

Believe it or not, this habit makes a huge difference. A routine can help you get your life on track. It will keep you going. When you finally have a routine to follow, focus on it and try to get better at it every day.

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