12 Simple Tricks To Keep Yourself Motivated

7. Embrace discipline.

There are times when you’ll realise that motivation isn’t the problem. Instead, being non-disciplined is.

Has it ever happened with you that you are constantly inspired to work towards your goal, but you can’t make time for it? This is where discipline comes in the picture.

8. Keep realistic expectations from yourself.

Don’t add too many things on your to-do list. DON’T give yourself improbable deadlines.

9. Stay away from toxic people.

Stay away from people who make you feel terrible about yourself. Keep miles away from that girl who cribs all the time. And stop talking to that fellow who can never utter a nice word about you.

10. Understand the value of that ‘extra’ bit.

It is possible that you have both talent and resources. You are working hard, but you’re falling short because you are failing to take that extra step. Think about it. Maybe you are just that tiny step away.

11. Ask yourself – ‘ Do I want it bad enough?’

The answer to this question will tell you how far you are willing to go to fulfil your dreams.

12. Stick notes.

You need to be constantly inspired. So stick inspiring notes on your office table, or put motivational wallpapers on your laptop. Every time you feel bored, just look at it. It sounds silly but these things actually help.

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