26 Everyday Things We Had No Clue We Were Doing Wrong

6. The correct way to put on nail paint.

That’s right, ladies. Never leave the house without the perfect shade.

7. The easiest way to peel potatoes with hands.

Yes, it is as easy as this GIF proves.

Step 1: Boil the potatoes.

Step 2: Take out the potatoes and put it in ice-cold water.

Step 3: Just pull out the skin.

That’s it, that simple.

8. The right way to eat a cupcake looks delish!

One question though, how does this remain a cupcake after this? More like a cupwich, no?

9. The correct way of holding pens.

No wonder my marks were the way they were in school.

10. The correct way of eating buffalo wings!

Seriously, if you figure this out properly your life will get a lot less messy. Begin by pulling off the cartilage on the wider end. Twist and pull out the small bone, then the larger one. Enjoy the scrumptious piece of meat. Amaze!

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