26 Everyday Things We Had No Clue We Were Doing Wrong

11. The right way to eat a pizza.

That’s right, by bending both the corners inwards we can make sure the toppings don’t fall off the slice. Try now, thank later.

12. The right way to hold a wine glass.

Right at the stem of the glass. If you hold the base of the drink, you risk making it warm.

13. The right way of wearing your earphones.

Yep, even I didn’t know this. Taking it around the ear, before stuffing it in the ear. Not only will it be more comfortable to wear, it will also make sure it doesn’t slip out.

14. The right way to do push-ups.

Not doing push-ups correctly can have adverse effects on your body including ruptured muscles. Always make sure you don’t arch you back, and always keep it straight, and your arms, parallel to the ground.

15. The correct way to apply moisturiser.

Contrary to popular belief, we should just gently tap the moisturiser on our skin instead of rubbing it. This way, our skin will be able to retain the much needed moisture for a longer time.

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