26 Everyday Things We Had No Clue We Were Doing Wrong

16. The correct way to hold a burger.

Ever wondered why a delicious burger always ends up like a mess in the end? That’s because we don’t hold it properly. The two thumbs and the two pinkies should rest under the burger to support it, while the other fingers should be on top to get a proper grip. There are some cases when the burger is just too big to hold properly. In those situations, it is advisable to cut it in two halves.

17. The correct way of tying shoelaces.

Like they show in the image above, tying your shoelaces horizontally ties the knot better. While shoelaces tied vertically can end up opening time and again.

18. The best way to fold trousers.

Folding your trousers in these 4 easy steps not only makes it easier to pack, or keep in the wardrobe without consuming a lot of space, but also makes sure the trousers remain un-creased.

19. The right way to clean a blender.

That’s correct. Instead of taking them out and washing each piece secretly, put soap inside the blender and just switch the power on. Voila! It’s clean as a whistle.

20. The fold-your-shirt-in-2-minutes trick.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

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