26 Everyday Things We Had No Clue We Were Doing Wrong

21. The right way to eat tic-tacs.

The next time you eat tic-tacs, notice the little tic-tac holder, of sorts. Your tic-tac is supposed to rest on that holder for your easy consumption. But who eats just one tic-tac, right?

22. How to make the perfect round eggs.

This hack was a complete game-changer for me. Cut an onion ring, place it in the middle of the pan before cracking open the egg. This way the egg won’t dance around on the pan and give you a headache. That delicious egg will perfectly shaped for you to devour.

23. The right way to cut cherry tomatoes.

Those pesky little buggers, although delicious, are a pain to chop one at a time. Thankfully, we can slice them ten at a time.

24. The correct way to eat a banana.

Instead of pulling it down from the stem, just pinch the opposite end of the banana, it should split open. Easy as pie. The monkeys were right all along.

25. Most of us have been peeing wrong all this while.

This is for the people with a penis. While peeing, we should make sure that it falls 90 degree vertically. The pee falling vertically will ensure no splatter, which would mean pee not bouncing back on us. Yes ladies, that happens sometimes, and we aren’t proud.

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