9 Tips For Taking A Better Selfie

Everyone wants to look good in pictures. Nowadays, with everyone taking selfies you’d definitely want your selfie to look the best.

After a lot of research, and sifting through lots and lots of selfies, we made a list of things people do to get the best selfie results possible:

1. Tilt your head

Tilting the head makes your eyes look bigger and highlights your cheek bones, giving your face added definition.

2. Lighting

Perfect lighting will make your picture stand out. It can either make or break your selfie. Not only does it make your skin look good and your hair better, it lends a natural radiance to your features. Natural light is optimum.

3. Angles

Finding the perfect angle is very very important. Extend your arm and angle your phone down to look the best you can. And don’t worry about everyone else doing the same, they’re all doing it anyway!

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