Common Reason Why People Fail

1. They don?t look before they leap.

Sometimes, spontaneity is a good thing. However, it?s often good to do some planning before tackling a big task. For example, don?t go into a music audition without looking at the music first?that sets you up for failure. Instead, practice until you feel ready to perform.

2. They don?t want it enough.

Often, to get the things you want, you?re going to have to want it really badly. This motivates you to do your absolute best. Try to envision yourself succeeding at whatever you?re working toward. That way, you?ll be pushed to do well.

3. They don?t look for alternatives.

So what if something isn?t working out? Try tackling it from a different angle. You might be surprised how many things you could accomplish if you just tried approaching it in a slightly different way. This gives you a completely new perspective and might end up in success.

4. They give up.

For some people, failing once means never trying again. But there?s a lot to be said for those who bounce back and keep trying. It shows persistence and often leads to success. Don?t get too discouraged after failing once or twice. Keep going and you?re more likely to get what you want.

5. They don?t have a goal.

You can?t succeed if you don?t know what you want. If you haven?t defined what constitutes a success, you can?t ever reach it. Make sure you have a very clear idea of what success means to you. That way, you have a concrete goal in mind that you can work towards and eventually reach.

6. They don?t heed advice from others.

Listening to those who have been in your shoes in the past can be very helpful. Reach out to those who understand what you?re going through and have accomplished what you?re working toward. They might just give you a piece of advice that will change your entire view of the problem.

7. They listen to too much advice.

Conversely, listening to too much advice at once can get confusing. Limit yourself to a handful of people who really know what they?re talking about. Chances are, many people who try to dole out advice don?t know much about the subject. Only seek help from people who know exactly what you?re going through and have the skill set to talk about the topic.

8. They have too many excuses.

Excuses can only get you so far. Instead of making excuses as to why you?re failing, try thinking about what the real reasons are for your failure. The sooner you face these reasons, the sooner you can get back on track to success. Address any major issues and get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

9. They?re all talk and no show.

We all know someone who talks a big game but never follows through. Don?t be that person. Yes, you should plan and talk things out with others, but don?t let that get in the way of actually doing something.

10. They misjudge.

Time, difficulty, monetary investment?a lot of people fail because they haven?t done their homework properly. Before you start a project, make sure you know what you?re getting into. Always overestimate to give yourself some wiggle room.

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