Coolest Tricks To Slim Down


Eat a heavy breakfast. Needless to say, ‘heavy’ does not include fried foods. Stick to corn flakes, brown toast, eggs and the like, and you will not feel so hungry at lunchtime. The best and healthiest way to go is to breakfast like a King, lunch like a Queen and dine like a pauper. If you’re still confused, we’ll translate for you: breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day. Lunch should be lighter than breakfast, and dinner should be the lightest meal of the day.

Coolest Tricks To Slim Down


Try sticking to tasty soups, mixed (baked or boiled) vegetables with mayonnaise, and garlic bread, at night. Not only will you lose weight, but you will also give your much-abused digestive system, a much-needed break.

Green Tea

Did you know that green tea helps you lose weight (Not if you add two spoons of sugar with every cup, though!) Opt for green tea without sugar or milk, but with a dash of lime, and try and drink at least 3 cups a day. In addition to helping you burn calories, green tea is known for its anti-oxidant properties, and thus has great health benefits as well.


Be generous with sprinklings of spices like garlic, Tabasco sauce and green peppers. They actually increase your body’s calorie burning activity by 25%. Could there be an easier way to lose weight
Yes! Surprise, surprise


Get enough sleep. If you feel your body has a slow metabolism, getting sufficient sleep is a great way to boost it. This does not mean that you sleep for forty days and forty nights at a stretch and expect to wake up skinny as a bamboo stick! Sorry, but you’re just not that lucky. However, if your body is not getting sufficient sleep, it slows down your metabolism. Try and catch eight to nine hours of sleep every night; you will end up burning more calories than you did with just six or seven hours of sleep.


Did you know that dark rooms tend to make you feel low, and also cause you to overeat And if you are one of those people who tend to eat more when they are unhappy, it’s time to lighten up! Brighten your room, liven up the atmosphere – don’t live in dingy surroundings. Add some cheer to your home! Bin those 60-watt bulbs and place 100-watt bulbs in your room.


Need some cutting edge incentive If you have fat upper arms, get a tattoo high up on your arm. You can then work towards losing weight on your arms to show it off. If you want to lose weight on your belly, pierce your belly button or get a tattoo on your waist, just above where you wear your trousers. You will be aching to flaunt it!

Coolest Tricks To Slim Down


Choose your clothes carefully:

* If you have large hips, wear shoulder pads so your hips look like they are in proportion to your body. Make sure the shoulder pads are not too big, nor are they too prominent. One should not be able to make out that you are wearing them.

* Don’t wear clinging stuff in the hopes that it will make you look thin. Stay away from lycra.

* Don’t wear clothes that are too loose.

* Steer clear from pleats.

* Wear one colour from top to toe to give an illusion of slimness.

* Wear fabrics like chiffon, that skim the body and show your curves, yet hide your fat.

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