Ensuring Safety For Kids At Home

Ensuring Safety For Kids At Home

Your kids are a great asset for you. You can be more patient for a mishap that happens to you but when it comes to your kids, you are very sensitive and cannot see them in pain, tragedy or chronic sickness. Below are some of the tips through which you can avoid several emergency situations to pop up when your kids are at home:

1- Don’t allow kids to go to washrooms alone till they clearly understand the usage of hot and cold water taps.

2-Keep medicines away from your kids. Recently a friend of mine had to take his daughter to hospital in emergency as she ate 10+ tablets from the shelf. Although the hospital washed her stomach but did not take any responsibility for any mishap. My friend has to sign the disclaimer which stated that in case of any mishap the whole responsibility would be on the parents.

3-Don’t put chairs or sofas near windows, especially if you are living in flats. We have read so many news about kids death falling from windows.

4-Consider windows/doors closing brackets. If you have IKEA in your area, buy one from there.

Ensuring Safety For Kids At Home

5-If you have sharp edged dining or lounge tables, consider rubber based edge protectors. (Visit IKEA)

Ensuring Safety For Kids At Home

6-Keep the match or lighter away from the stove.

7-Keep the knives, scissors and other sharp edge cutlery away from the reach of kids.

8-Cleaning agents (floor cleaners, crockery cleaners, toilet antiseptics etc) must be out of reach. Be sure to close the bottles tightly. Toddlers have the tendency of putting everything in mouth.

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