Natural Home Remedies To Avoid Excessive Sweating This Summer

Although it can be embarrassing, sweating is natural and good for you. It’s your body’s way of cooling you down and getting rid of toxins. Some people sweat more than others, and in hot or humid climates, you can’t avoid sweating, but sometimes excessive sweating can be a disorder called hyperhidrosis.

Antiperspirants and deodorants can make the condition worse, and their strong chemicals can be damaging. There are natural ways to cool down the body, remove the odors, and control the sweating, which can be made from household ingredients.


Before you rush and try to find a solution by yourself, check with your doctor. Excessive sweating can be a sign of illness or a disorder, especially if you notice the following symptoms:

  • Visible sweating, drenching your clothes
  • Wet, moist palms and soles
  • Skin maceration (skin softening and breaking down)
  • Strong foot odor
  • Cracked and scaled skin

Natural home remedies that treat excessive sweating

Vinegar – Cure your sweating with both regular vinegar and apple cider vinegar, which help flush out the body’s toxins. Take a mixture of 2 tablespoons of natural vinegar with one teaspoon apple cider vinegar three times a day on an empty stomach, half an hour before a meal.

Tomato Juice – Another solution is drinking a daily glass of freshly squeezed tomato juice. The antioxidants in tomatoes eliminate many of the toxins that usually come out via sweating. Tomatoes can also improve blood circulation. If tomatoes are applied directly to the skin, they act as an antiseptic and tighten the pores.

Natural Home Remedies To Avoid Excessive Sweating This Summer

Potato – This old method is extremely effective at reducing sweating in the underarms, neck, and feet, although no-one knows exactly why. Slice a raw potato in half and rub them in the underarms, on your feet or other sweaty areas of your body before applying deodorant.

Wheatgrass Juice – Wheatgrass is rich in proteins and vitamin B6, B12, C and folic acid. It can neutralize the acids and toxins present in the blood, and the high concentration of vitamin B can reduce the sweat glands’ excessive production. Drinking a glass of wheatgrass juice every day can settle the nerves and reduce excessive sweating.

Tea Bags for Tannic Acid – Tannic acid is found primarily in tea and can help cool down your body. Its astringent and antiperspirant properties can prevent the start of excessive perspiration. Let several bags of tea sit in a bowl of boiling water. When the water cools, soak both your hands and legs in this solution for half an hour. You can do this daily.

Witch Hazel – This herb is a natural astringent and acts as an antiperspirant when applied to the skin. It gently dries the skin in the sweaty body area, preventing excess bacteria growth on the skin. This way, it not only treats the perspiration but also prevents infection. This method is particularly effective for facial sweating. You can also use witch hazel tea to treat general perspiration.

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