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Real Tips To Survive The Hard Times in Business (and Life)

Having dreams, goals and being an ambitious businessman is both exciting and also one of the hardest things you will ever encounter. And you’ll learn some of the hardest truths along the way.

You start off in your career or small business assuming those also on the same journey will support you. It won’t be long until you realize they don’t.

You will be faced with barriers, rejection, fakers, bullies and downright devious creatures. They are often disguised as friends, colleagues, CEOs, politicians… it isn’t industry-specific.
They are everywhere.

Still want to succeed? Then you must have the attitude that no matter what happens to you, the SHOW GOES ON.

This is YOUR show too. No-one else’s. If you are blessed, you may have a handful of family and/or close friends that look after you through it all. But when it comes to the crunch you need to learn strategies on how to keep the show going.

Here are some strategies to help you get through the hard times:

1. Keep your routine
As hard as it is sometimes, it is best to keep your routine as much as possible. Get up at the same time, workout at the same time. If you don’t, you may find yourself in a whirlwind you can’t escape. Sticking to your routine will help ground you when crises arise.

2. Exercise & eat well
Keep moving and eat the best you can. Often we want to crawl into bed or start eating comfort foods when going through a tough time. Don’t. Set yourself one day to let loose and then get back to eating well and moving the next day. Strong body = strong mind.

3. Schedule in ‘do nothing’ time
When we go through trials or we have experienced a shock in business (and life) sometimes we need to remove ourselves from everything and everyone. So schedule in some alone time where you can do nothing ‘guilt-free’. But make sure you are using that time to relax, and not ‘churning’ thoughts about the issues.

4. Take a new risk
When at your lowest, it is the best time to take a risk. You have nothing more to lose. This is the time when you are forced to make those tough decisions you have avoided up until now. Be wise, but be brave and dive in.

5. Persist and chip away at it
No matter what your goal and no matter who is trying to destroy it, don’t give up. Keep moving forward (in silence when needed) and when you come out on top you will surprise even your most avid hater.

6. Stay diplomatic
This is so important. Regardless of how people have treated you or what you are going through right this second, don’t breathe a bad word to anyone about it. Stay diplomatic. It is better to be the one who is silent while others are looking like fools trying to put you down.

7. Ice people out
This is how you deal with anyone you decide should no longer be a part of your journey. Don’t tell them. Just start removing them from your life. Some need to be blocked immediately as they are toxic and others can be gradual. You also don’t need to give an explanation. This is your life and you can do what you want.

8. Buy yourself something new
This will turn any mood around. Buy yourself something that you know will make you happy and something that will add value to your brand and where you are headed. See it as a motivation gift to yourself.

9. Take yourself away for a night or two (pamper yourself)
go away for a weekend. This is great for the soul and also allows you to unwind enough to come up with great ideas about how you are going to tackle your situation. Use the time to tap into freeform ‘open sky’ thinking about your career and business.

10. Remind yourself of the big picture
No matter what you have been put through or going through, never forget the big picture. You are just passing through this level and onto the next.

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