Simple Laundry Solutions For Everyone

Simple Laundry Solutions For Everyone

To collect dirt the recycling way

Cut the top part of a bottle of bleach of laundry soap and use the half with the handle
to collect dirt, earth of kitty litter.

To remove wine stains

To remove a red wine stain from fabric, locate the area of the stain over a ball, cover
the stain with salt and then pour boiling water over it.

For endless good odor

Get one of those launry softners odor strips and put it in your bag (especially gym
bag). It will keep the good odors going! You can also put it in: shoes, hampers,
closets, diaper bags and drawers!

To prevent sweat stains on white shirts

Before ironing white shirts, spread some talcum powder on the arm pits and neck
areas of the shirt, to prevent sweat stains, then iron the shirt.

To remove wrinkles from delicate fabrics

To get rid of wrinkels of silk, wool and other fabric that can’t stand the direct heat of
an iron, put a sheet of aluminum foil on the ironing board and place the item of
clothing over it. Use the steam and hover over the fabric several times without
touching it. The moist heat over the metal sheet will help straighten out those

For white laundry

Instead of bleach, add 1/4 – 1/2 a cup of lemon juice to the white laundry cycle, to
make your clothes brighter and whiter!

To prevent a rope from knotting

The secret to preventing a rope from knotting is to put a clip near the end

To wring a sweater

Get your sweaters dry faster with a lettuce drier. After washing it by hand, put it in the
lettuce drier and squeeze out the extra water.

To keep the sweater in good condition

To keep a sweater fluffy and pleasant, add a tiny bit of vinegar to the washing
machine’s cycle. Fill the cap of the vinegar bottle 2-3 times to use, and you’ll get very
pleasant results!

To dry clothes

No more room on the line? Use an old umbrella as a laundry rack. Hang it upside down
on a door handle and use the frame to hang up your delicates like socks and

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