Stress Management Techniques

Stress Management Techniques for People Searching for Answers

Guide on How to Mange Stress

Stress Management is more than anger management and relaxation. It is self management. There are many different ways to manage stress. I have compiled the various stress management techniques that are simple and most effective to follow and practice. Please feel free to use as many as you can, keeping an open mind, so you can have a collection of techniques that are the most effective for you.

1.Feel Good about your Self
2.Take Care of your Body
3.Develop the Right Attitude
4.Develop the Right Environment
5.Short Tips for Busy People

1. Feel Good about your Self

If you want to bring down your level of stress level in a matter of minutes, these techniques will help you. Use them as needed to feel better quickly; practice them regularly over time and gain even greater benefits.

Ã? Deep Breathing from the Abdomen

Ã? Meditation

Ã? Having a dose of Laughter

Ã? Progressive Muscular Relaxation

Ã? Listening to light music

Ã? Practicing Yoga

Ã? Aerobic Exercises

Ã? Creative Visualization

2. Take Care of Body

When we’re stressed, we don’t always take care of our bodies, which can lead to even more stress. Here are some important ways to take care of yourself and keep stress levels lower.

Ã? Eat Healthy low fats â?” high protein meals

Ã? Have six to eight hours of regular sleep

Ã? Exercise regularly

Ã? Develop a Hobby

Ã? Have healthy Sex Life

3. Develop the Right Attitude

Attitude plays a great role in managing stress. Much of your experience of stress has a lot to do with your attitude and the way you perceive your life’s events. Here are some resources to help you maintain a stress-relieving attitude.

Ã? Let go your Ego

Ã? Have a Optimistic approach to life

Ã? Do not react under pressure

Ã? Stop Worrying about things not in your control

Ã? Accept that everything cannot be perfect

Ã? Find an opportunity in every problem

Ã? Say good things to your self â?” affirmations

Ã? Have a health sense of humour

4. Develop the Right Environment

Having ambiance and pleasant environment make stress management very easy. Your physical and emotional surroundings can impact your stress levels in subtle but significant ways. Here are several ways you can change your atmosphere and less your stress.

Ã? Clutter free home, office and working desk

Ã? Green and Clean surrounding

Ã? Light instrumental music

Ã? Motivational Posters

Ã? Words of Wisdom

5. Short Tips for Busy People

Busy People add a lot of stress to their already stressed life. People who may have more stressors in their lives is because they have more activity in their lives, and less time to devote to stress management. If you’re a busy person, these resources can help you to manage stress efficiently in a short amount of time, and eliminate some of what’s causing you stress in the first place.

Ã? Time Management Tips

Ã? Communication Skills

Ã? Listening Skills

Ã? Managing Priorities

Ã? Enhancing Team Work

Ã? Enhancing People Skills

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