Ten Steps to Loving Yourself

Ten Steps to Loving Yourself

Ten Steps to Loving Yourself.
Louise Hay’s famous book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ has helped countless people on the path to self discovery, and ultimately loving themselves.
We humans are abundant in the excuses that we manufacture as to why we are unable to love ourselves.
This underlying core belief of not being worthy stops us from reaching the very thing we say we so desperately want. It doesn’t have to be that way! You have a choice, and if you follow Louise’s ten steps , you will reach the destination you have been yearning for all your life.
Remember, the secret is loving yourself , so here goes are you willing to change? If you are, here is what you do.

Ten Steps to Loving Yourself

1. Put an end to all criticism ?? it never achieves or changes anything. Acceptance of yourself is key, when you approve of yourself, positive changes will come in to your life.

2. Stop thinking scary thoughts ?? If you find yourself doing that, change it to a mental image that brings you pleasure. Maybe thinking of your dog, a flower, food whatever brings you peace.

3. Be gentle , kind and patient ?? Treat yourself as you would your best friend, in fact be your best friend! Be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself, and be patient with yourself as you learn to change your thinking.

4. Be kind to your mind ?? Gently change your thoughts, let go of the self hatred you are expressing with your thoughts. Don’t judge or hate yourself for having those thoughts, quietly and gently change them.

5. Praise yourself ?? Pat yourself on the back, criticism can only break your inner spirit. Praise will build it up, so praise yourself as much as you can.

6. Be supportive ?? You support friends in need, do the same for yourself. If you need help ask for it, that is a sign of true strength. Allowing others to help you is self nurturing.

7. Love the negatives in your life ?? Own it, acknowledge that you bought them into your life to fulfill a need. Thank them for the lessons they have bought, lovingly release them, and make room for the positive ones you are creating today.

8. Love and take care of your body ?? Ensure that you look after your body, as well as you look after your car! So many of us would not miss the cars service, or think of putting the wrong fuel or oil into the engine, but don’t give a second thought to what we fuel our bodies with. Cherish your body, and it will serve you well.

9. Look into the mirror ?? Really look into your eyes often, and express the love you feel for yourself, say it out loud. I love you, I really love you!

10. Do it now ?? Don’t wait until the ‘right’ time to start loving yourself. The right time is now, not when you lose ten pounds, get a new job, or find a new partner. The time to start is now, all you need to do is the best you can.

Ten Steps to Loving Yourself

I wonder how many ‘ I can’t do that’s ran through your head when reading this article? My reply to that is, if you think you can’t, then you are right. Alternatively , if you think you can, then you are also right. They are thoughts, and thoughts can be changed. If your thoughts have not given you the life you want, then I lovingly suggest that you start loving yourself now.

" Never postpone joy! Enjoy each second, so every moment becomes, the golden moment of your life!"

Ten Steps to Loving Yourself

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