These 11 Tips Can Get You A Better Sleep

There’s nothing better than slipping into your pajamas and jumping into bed after a long day. Yet while you may be decently comfortable underneath those sheets, by making some minor changes you could transform your bedroom from a place you go to get some sleep, to your ultimate relaxing oasis. Below is a list of 11 genius and easy tricks that will help you get the best sleep of your life.

1. Put One Foot Outside the Covers

These 11 Tips Can Get You A Better Sleep

If your body temperature isn’t just right it’s going to be really hard for you to get a good night’s sleep. You may either feel too hot or too cold. But putting one foot outside the covers, though silly it may seem, can make you more comfortable in bed according to science. Natalie Dautovic, environmental scholar for the National Sleep Foundation says “A cool sleeping environment is an important ingredient for obtaining a good night’s sleep. Some people find that sleeping with a hand or foot outside of the bed covers can help with body cooling, as heat dissipates quicker through the body extremities.”

2. Hug a Pillow

Sometimes, the only thing you need in bed to help you feel cozier is an extra pillow. The University of Rochester Medical Center says it can keep your body better aligned, preventing back pain. Furthermore, aside from the body benefits, it is also great for anxiety. Experts also say that hugging a pillow is soothing, giving you a sense of comfort, safety, and security.

3. Wear Bamboo Pajamas

These 11 Tips Can Get You A Better Sleep

There’s more to your sheets and bedding that affects the level of comfort you experience when in bed. What you’re wearing also plays a role. According to the National Sleep Foundation, there is a formula for choosing the right sleep attire. Experts recommend breathable and lightweight cotton, silk which keeps your body at the right temperature, and bamboo for its moisture-wicking abilities.

4. Or, Just Sleep in the Nude

If you can’t find the right fabric to keep you cozy in bed, you can just ditch it altogether and sleep naked instead. Experts say that sleeping naked has been shown to keep you cooler in bed enabling you to get more restful sleep.

5. Grab the Ear Plugs

These 11 Tips Can Get You A Better Sleep

If you’re surrounded by a lot of noise it’s nearly impossible to get comfortable in bed. So, to help you fall, and stay asleep, the Cleveland Clinic recommends buying some earplugs or using background noises, such as white noise.

6. Turn Down the Thermostat

While what you wear to bed plays a big role in keeping you comfortable while you sleep, the temperature of the room plays a big role in helping you to drift off to sleep too. The National Sleep Foundation says the best temperature to keep your room at is 65 degrees. This is believed to be the most optimal temperature for sleep, ensuring that it’s not too hot or too cold.

7. Spritz Some Lavender on Your Pillow

These 11 Tips Can Get You A Better Sleep

If you’re trying to calm down at night, there’s nothing that’s going to help you relax more than spraying some lavender on your pillowcase. In addition, the scent is backed by science in its ability to put you in a more relaxed state. This will help you get into a deeper sleep, making you more calm and comfortable over all.

8. Give Your Mattress Pad a Tech-y Upgrade

Is your mattress pad making you feel too hot? You might need an upgrade. The ChiliPad is a great recommendation which has a cooling and heating temperature control system that can keep your body at the perfect temperature all night.

9. Wash Your Bedding Regularly

These 11 Tips Can Get You A Better Sleep

To feel comfortable in bed, the National Sleep Foundation recommends that you wash your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week. You should also wash your mattress cover and comforter on a regular basis. You can even stick your pillows in the washing machine.

10. Choose the Right Pillow for Your Sleep Position

Not just any pillow is going to meet your needs. There are different types of pillows designed specifically to meet the needs of stomach-sleepers, side-sleepers, and back-sleepers which all have different levels of firmness and materials, keeping your head and neck comfortable.

11. Keep Screens Out of Your Space

These 11 Tips Can Get You A Better Sleep

While you can scroll through your phone on the couch all you want, be sure to leave your phones out of the bedroom if you want to stay calm and comfortable. Exposing yourself to light-emitting screens right before bedtime is going to make it harder or you to fall asleep.

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