Tips You Should Follow To Help Get By This Summer

4. Sunscreen should be your best friend.

Of all the hype and false promises about skin creams being advertised on the television today, at least they’re not lying about the importance of sun screen!

Consider sun-screen and sun block creams your aresnal in your battle against the carcinogenic effects of the Ultraviolet rays. They don’t just tan you leaving you with skin a shade or two darker.

Remember, if Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) could be affected by the Sun, you’re no biggie yourself. Rely on products like skin creams to keep you safe!

5. Avoid alcohol consumption and make juices your best friend for summer.

No matter how much you love your tequila shots or rum and coke, those are not wise options for summer. Alcohol causes dehydration in the body and since summer is all about keeping yourself hydrated, drinking alcohol only beats the whole cause.

Rather, whenever you’re at a party or hitting the club, go for frozen cocktails or fruit based mocktails so you can keep as cool as possible.

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