Top 10 Basic Principles for Photographer

Man who took the hands of the camera, not just learn to get great photos, most often obtained lovers to press the button on the principle of "maybe will cool picture. Photographs – the most complicated science, which is important not only the technical side of things, are very important as the psychological, biological and philosophical aspects. In this article will be discussed is about the last mentioned points, which allow the ordinary man to become a good photographer, which is "the heart feels" great shot.
Of course, in the present photographic technique has reached very high altitudes, there are many tools that allow us to find a profitable exposure, light level, but it means nothing if people will mindlessly clicking on a button appendage of the camera. Everything should be the opposite – the camera should be a tool in the hands of man, but in this case, you can get a shot, hitting all around. Otherwise, the picture we can get, and from a technical point of view, it will be correct. But the "soul" in a purely technical picture will not be.

Principle 1. Think about the brain

Top 10 Basic Principles for Photographer

Always try to think about that before you is, from the standpoint of the spectator, the person who will then assess you received frame. The fact that the camera works quite differently, as your eyes – what you see before you, and what you see on the imagery in this place – totally different things.

It this is so because from birth we get used to his body – to how to work the legs, arms, eyes. We do not think about where to look at the moment – everything happens automatically. But when a man the first time takes the camera, it becomes clear that a photograph, which will impress the other person, it is very difficult. We just are not accustomed to the camera, maybe we know how it works, but do not feel it. Good photos can be obtained only when your hands, eyes, in themselves and the camera will provide a coherent whole.

In order to become a good photographer, you need to make a huge step forward – philosophical (yes) to rethink the principle of the camera and then, what images it can help to get. A good photo should "talk" with the audience, provoke emotions, make us think.

Principle 2. Exhibit their works for show

Top 10 Basic Principles for Photographer

In the 19 – early 20 th century all the way "human art" were in Paris. A huge number of museums, exhibitions, shops open even before the young artists and photographers opportunities. Ability to "light up" – perhaps one of the most important in the life of art. Suppose you’re a genius whose talent exceeds all artists and photographers present and past time – until your job somebody did not see or be interested in it, and you will remain in obscurity.
So, once you learn how to take pictures, feel the strength, the use of the opportunities that gives us the modern world – we, of course, talking about the Internet. Flickr, DevianArt, Flickr, DevianArt, other resources – they all help photographers and artists exhibit their work, become more or less known. It is only then will the official exhibitions and visits to events – first should try to become famous in their virtual environment.

Principle 3. Getting rid of my toy camera

Top 10 Basic Principles for Photographer

Look how gorgeous your little camera, which is the last word in the world of high technology! As many as 10 megapixels? And in his pocket climbs and you can take pictures!

In general, no matter how nice this camera is no matter, get rid of it – give it to their children, give them a relative or just sell.

Your camera must have one, a tool for professionals. Let them first you do not know most of the functions that are available in the camera for pros, but learn to work to have a professional tool. Yes, it’s expensive, yes, these cameras are not very convenient, because their sizes are so large. But the fact is that so many professional tool can become a professional.

Principle 4. Tripod required

Top 10 Basic Principles for Photographer

What, you do not want to pull for a tripod? Well, you do not 9 years old, and a tripod is not too heavy …

In general, if you want to get great shots, you should get professional tripod for professional cameras. This is especially important if you want to embodied on film the sunset or sunrise – only a tripod will give you the correct position of the camera, no image stabilizer, smoothing the effect of "shaking hands" will not help if you want a really good shot.

Principle 5. Recognize Impressionism

Top 10 Basic Principles for Photographer

In order to get good pictures, you can just learn the techniques of photography. But in order to capture beautiful, amazing images, we should also examine the work of artists such as Monet, Renoir, Degas. All of them have become famous thanks to techniques of painting, which was invented by themselves. Bright colors, unusual perspective – all this has made them known (of course, the main reason – the talent, ability for hard work, but still).Try it and you feel like the Impressionists, receiving frames with perhaps a little exaggerated bright palette, interesting angles. The main thing in impressionism, and in almost every genre of painting – to force the viewer to think, to reach his thoughts, sometimes even subconscious.

Try to use elements of impressionism in their works – and you will understand how these pictures will be different from the usual photos.

Principle 6.HDR Do not forget about HDR

Top 10 Basic Principles for Photographer

HDR? What is HDR? High Dynamic Range. This stands for, as High Dynamic Range. Outwardly, it looks like a bright, juicy picture. For beginners seldom get a good photograph HDR – usually results in something very bright, surreal, and look at that scary. In order to get a good picture of this type, you need to practice for a long time, choosing the right settings – of course, essential that the resulting photo in the first place whether you like yourself. Adobe Photoshop. Many, many photographers for the final guidance on photo gloss using the software, in most cases it is Adobe Photoshop.
Otherwise, not now – sometimes obtained simply great photos with little izyanom, who is recovering with the help of computer technology. In general, do not forget about the HDR, nor about the software.

Principle 7. Take your camera with a

Top 10 Basic Principles for Photographer

The best photos are usually obtained not when you’re a "hunt" for a good shot, but when you yourself are not expecting to come across something that, being pictured in the film looks simply delicious. The accident on the street, sleeping on the way a cat, a beautiful girl, who stands out from the crowd mime – all this can be seen almost every day (well, depending on where you live, of course), and that is why my cell is to wear everywhere with him. Looking for an opportunity to make at least one photo a day. Never mind that it will be important, that it was creative and original.

Principle 8. Be a little kid

Top 10 Basic Principles for Photographer

In order to become really good master, you must be a little child, easily passing the line between reality and fantasy. Only people with rich inner world of artistic imagination, can see something extraordinary in the ordinary moments of our lives, and, remembering all that time on film, hitting all.

Learn to dream, and not particularly think about, where is the line between reality and fiction – in the flight of thought need not always rationalism and common sense. Robot can be set in the program all the necessary data for correct exposure, the camera angle, all the technical stuff. But the robot will never (at least in the near future), will not be able to make artistic picture, and not to capture a piece of dismal reality.

Principle 9. Learn to draw

Top 10 Basic Principles for Photographer

"What?" Where am I going to these stupid time? "Why?" – Exclaim in surprise the reader. In fact, if you really want to develop the artist within, to nurture the wizard, you have to learn to paint. Photoshop, I do not mean the graphics editor and Photoshop, although it is also necessary – no, an ordinary pencil and paper.
Once you learn to draw, the world opens on the other, unexpected side – in fact it turns out, every thing, every person has a face, which we did not notice until now.

Principle 10. Make mistakes

Top 10 Basic Principles for Photographer

Yes, do not be afraid of mistakes, make them as much as possible. The more mistakes you make, the better become a master – it is generally recognized fact. Ask other people appreciate your work, try to make their photos to the public (whether in reality or on the web). Criticism – an important factor in establishing a professional, so do not particularly upset if someone "blow" your work to shreds.

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