Two Nice Tips To Stand Strong In Every Condition

Never take help of tears to show your emotions", and

Two Nice Tips To Stand Strong In Every Condition

Never take help of words to show your anger…!

You are sitting in the car in traffic jam, and some one is honking continuously. Instead of abusing the other person or disturbing your peace, you can simply think, what this guy is trying to teach me. This person is teaching me importance of patience.

Another example of controlling anger is, if one of your friend is frustrated, and is yelling at you, instead of yelling back at him and spoiling your friendship, ask yourself, what is my friend trying to teach? He is trying to teach me that anger is so bad, one does not know what he speaks when a person is angry.

One more example of stress management is, say someone has broken your heart and left you in relationship. Now you are dealing with stress in your relations. By continuously being depressed and saying negative things, you are disturbing yourself and your inner peace. Again, ask yourself, what is he trying to teach me. The person is teaching me that one shall find happiness in himself or herself first before looking for happiness in relationships.

Continuing with my anger management tips on how to control anger, This idea also benefited me, few years back I saw a government employee working in very slow speed and not doing work wholeheartedly. Before saying anything to him, I asked myself, what is he trying to teach, he taught me that one should always choose a job which a person likes, I learned about choosing a right career.

So If you also change your thinking, and always think what other person or situation is trying to teach me, then you will also be able to manage your stress and anger.

Once you use this tip and get to know how to control stress, you will see it’s benefits.
You will able to control your anger, as this thinking will not make you react, and you will be able to respond. Your attitude will change and you will be thinking positive thoughts. People will love you and get more closer to you. You will get respect from people and friends.

I will keep posting motivational tips on Anger and Stress Management. I hope this video will help you to reduce stress in life and control your anger.

Wish you all the Best..!

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