Your Summer Guide For Choosing Best Footwear

5. Sneakers and Tennis Shoes

Your Summer Guide For Choosing Best Footwear

The last item on our list is probably the ultimate footwear. It’s breathable, lightweight, provides ample protection, supports the arches of the feet, and can be easily adjusted. It is suitable to most types of activities and doesn’t exert the feet. But even these, seemingly-perfect shoes can potentially be harmful to your feet.

1. For one, bad quality sneakers are often not breathable enough and can exacerbate athletes foot and bacterial infections, so choose a pair that is breathable.

2. Even the best quality sneakers can make your feet sweaty, so make sure to wear a different pair every day to let them vent.

3. Rocker bottom sneakers are a popular trend and they can help strengthen the muscles in your feet, but they are not advised for seniors, as they can affect muscle strength or balance.

4. Don’t choose a shoe that is too tight-fitting or loose around the toe box, as this, too, can affect the distribution of weight throughout the feet. A very tight shoebox, for example, may even cause numbness and pain in the toes, so it is important to wear a pair of sneakers or tennis shoes that will fit your size and foot shape.

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